Here at The Black Mountain Spirit School of Chinese Kung Fu, side effects Winning is part of the Tradition. Chinese Culture, website Philosophy, & History are all contributing factors to our tradition of being Champions – not only at national tournaments, but at Life.

If you’ve come to this page, The Wonder, the Culture, the Health Benefits, and Artistic Aesthetics of this 5000 Year Old Tradition is a Major part of what you’re looking for!

But since it’s the 21st Century, you’re also looking for the scientific knowledge and the experience of:

A Professional Athletics Coach.

A Tournament Champion himself who Still competes and continues to Train Champions. A practitioner recognized nationally by his peers.

Mix in just a lil’ bit of street reality – like 20 years of Private Security and Bodyguard work. A professional trainer of retired, active and non-active military and law enforcement.

Sound Good? What you want is Right Here. In Our classes.

2 Week Intro SMALL



Our 2 Week Introductory Program gives you a chance to see first hand what kind of potential you can begin tapping into almost Immediately!

  • You’ll receive a systematic, simple way to understand and implement effective Street-Saavy Martial Arts.
  • A clear step-by-step approach to the Principles, Methods, and Tactics of Authentic Chinese Kung Fu.
  • An organized curriculum tried and tested on the battlefields of ancient China, and in modern times by Private Security & Code Enforcement Officers. A complete, detailed analysis of the various methods of Joint Locking, Throwing, Nerve/Point Striking, fighting Multiple Opponents, and how it all fits together.



Here are (More than) a few links to give you an idea of What it Is that We DO and How We Do it!

Become Part of a Winning Tradition!     NOW Is THE TIME!!!

2 Week Intro SMALL