Our Facebook page acts as the general sounding board for the Black Mountain Spirit School Community. This includes not just the enrolled students or old students who have moved away, men’s health but our familiy and friends from all over the country whose lives have been affected by their training with ShiFu Black.
It also acts as our Student Lounge, rx where we post all of the school schedule changes (before they really Do change), pharm listings of Special Events, Social Activities, Online Tutorials and Contests!


We also have a School Newsletter. Originally, the 12-25 pages were written and produced by ShiFu Black. Now, the mantle has been taken up by his senior-most student ShiFu Jason Boxerman, who currently teaches classes in Panama City, Florida. The Newsletter goes out bi-monthly, and although full articles and excerpts are often shared with the greater Black Mountain Community, the Newsletter is largely restricted to currently enrolled students.


Handing the reins of the bi-monthly Newsletter to ShiFu Boxerman, ShiFu Black began writing a blog dedicated to the practice of his students. The blog deals with issues both stemming from the larger society in which we live as it applies to martial arts training and to the very specific issues brought up in class – either as addendums to lessons on technique, philosophy, methods, principles, and tactics, or difficulties experienced in the process of learning or that a particular student may have had.


Tutorials, updates, critical dialogue and other informational content, as well as bits here and there for our entertainment!

ALL of these things have been put in place. all of the work and extra efforts are being put forth by ShiFu to help ensure a Vital, Connected Environment for the sole purpose of aiding Black Mountain Spirits on their journey of Personal Development.