MY OBLIGATIONS TO YOU There are rules that all students are asked to follow, viagra order certain expectations that allow myself as the instructor to have the absolute most unobstructed opportunity possible for teaching what my quarter century of experience in the martial arts as a practitioner, tournament champion, real-world street survival and defensive tactics as wewll as the fields of facilities security, personal protection, and bodyguard work.

That obligation to you also includes what I feel are the rules I must follow, certain expectations that allow you as the student to have the absolute most unobstructed opportunity possible for learning at Black Mountain Spirit. For that reason, instead of just asking everyone to trust that I know what I’m doing, or to look at the results I’ve been able to achieve with my students, or to find out how the members of our school feel about being my student, I’ve outlined a very specific set of rules so that my students can always know what to expect from me. It let’s them keep me honest 🙂


I am The instructor of all classes & require of myself to put forth all efforts to maintain & develop all of the skills necessary to meet those responsibilities.

I will Teach all classes, I will not have students of any rank stand in as an instructor for any entire class period.

In the event of my arriving late, I shall have a senior student FULLY versed in the techniques that have been pre-selected for that specific lesson begin the workout until my arrival.

I am not permitted to be more than 15 minutes late for a class, & the frequency is at no point permitted to go beyond 4 classes per month. If in 20 classes per month I am late more than 4 times per month, I am obligated to pay a 10% refund to all students who have maintained good attendance practices. This is a punitive damage imposed not as a punishment, but as an act of contrition for having wasted the time of students who have taken the time to regulate their own time to meet a pre-established schedule that I too am subject to.

The instructor shall not lead class while practicing himself. He shall practice during other hours outside of the class, and the student shall be given full attention of the instructor during class hours.


The school must disclose any and all fees and charges for all services and products offered by the school in writing immediately before any membership agreement can be considered active or any fees coming due. This includes disclosure of rank test fees, certification fees, monthly tuition, uniform prices, and any other required or conditional charges or fees. Fee and price amounts must remain fixed in place for the student until December 31 of the current year.

If new service fees comes into practice After their initial enrollment/reenrollment, said fees shall not be made mandatory. If a student wishes to add these services/fees to their payment plan, then a new agreement shall be provided including the exact specifics in writing, thereby replacing the old agreement.

If a student requests & agrees to pay for basic enrollment in the curriculum & special opportunities being offered, they will be required to sign an agreement. Said agreement will outline the schedule of classes, including enumerated dates & times of practice of the agreement’s duration. If for whatever reason(s) during the prescribed period of time outlined in the agreement the public class schedule is cancelled, the instructor must make good on all of the hours outlined in the agreement. Only in the event of __________ or other forces completely outside of his controll shall he be allowed exemption from this obligation. If for whatever reason(s) during the prescribed period of time outlined in the agreement the student no longer wishes to participate in their enrolled classes, the student must make good on 1/3rd of all of the payments outlined in the agreement. Only in the event of __________ or other forces completely outside of his controll shall he be allowed exemption from this obligation.


Rank examinations shall be held only at a mutual meeting of the minds/discretion of both the student and the instructor. There are no mandatory testing dates. Normally upon observance of a student meeting all of the technical requirements & havving displayed the appropriate maturity necessary for promotion, The Instructor will approach the student and ask when they would like to test. (The idea of ‘appropriate maturity’ is one that is designed to require a student to ask themselves if they really are ready for promotion, it is not designed to be a roadblock or instrument in the hands of the Instructor, but rather as a measuring stick for the student of themselves. If the student feels that they are ready for promotion and the Instructor has not already met with them to determine a best date and time, they may request testing regardless of any other personality assessments or requirements, and having met the techical requirements for promotion, will be promoted in rank.

A student is a Candidate for Promotion when they have completed the requirements of the current tier that they are preparing to graduate from. They will be made conceptually aware of what that material consists of in advance, with the exceptions of specific details that are utilized Specifically as part of the testing process; techniques or exercises that are designed to test awareness & control of the material being tested.

Examination times will be set by Both the instructor & the student, at times/places that is most conducive to both parties. As an elaboration, typically tests because of their physical stress must be stretched out to allow for recuperation & rest between sections – especially as ranks increase – are held During class periods. The instructor making rounds to other students during the Promotion Candidate’s rest periods allows for the rest period to be an aid. If the student wishes for an examination to be more intense, they have the right to ask for testing outside of the normal class schedule. Provided that a time & place can be met equally by both parties, then that time shall be considered a Valid Examination date.

If a student feels that they are being held back, that the opportunity for advancement is not being made available to them, then there are only two avenues of recourse available in the course of continued training: a)a review of what their promotion requirements are will be conducted between the instructor & student in the hopes of rectifying any misunderstandings by either party as to whether the criteria Has been met by the student & simply not acknowledged by the instructor, or if the student is not aware of what they lack in terms of knowledge or physical ability that can be rectified by practice with a sustained effort during a longer period of time. Or, b)the student may insist on a test date following the normal criterion for time/place selection & be tested. To avoid any potential bias on the part of the instructor, the instructor will conduct the test aided by Two Senior students. Their purpose shall be to act both as unbiased Peers of the candidate, & as objective observers evaluating the candidate by the same standards of technique & knowledge that they themselves have maintained.

The instructor will Not use examinations as a means of belittling or be condescending towards students in a public, class, setting.

If a student feels that they would like their examinations to be private, for whatever reasons, then they may execute the option of testing outside of the normal class schedule.

If a candidate requests a time that is Directly After a normally scheduled class, they will Not be required to attend that class. In this way, no instructor will be able to hold the potentially diminished capacity of the candidate against them as a reason to deny promotion based on poor performance. If a candidate would like to be personally Challenged, & Tested, & thus Requests such scheduling of their test in relation to a class, that option shall remain open to them with knowledge of potential outcomes being weighed as part of their decision.


The instructor shall not at any time attempt to restrict or control the behavior of the student outside of his classroom environment before or after the published schedule for start and end times of classes. This includes attempts to enforce Asian etiquette, use of titles or special address, symbols, secret handshakes, slogans, sounds, chants, cheers, or any other behaviors. This shall also include attempting to restrict or discourage the student from participating in any other activity, including the martial arts activity of a competing business or non-profit organization that teaches the same subject.

The student shall be allowed to hold membership in as many organizations and schools as the student shall choose, and the instructor shall take no action nor attempt to discourage this behavior.

The instructor shall not hold the student accountable for the other students’ behavior or performance. The instructor shall not ask the student to teach classes nor to tutor other students at any time. The instructor shall perform all teaching himself, and the student shall not be asked to be tutored by nor tutor any other student in the class nor provide leadership to other students in the class. Only in the event where a student has agreed to hold an ‘office’ or position of authority of their own free will shall they be held accountable/made responsible, & Only for the duties specifically outlined as part of the position or office.

The instructor shall not require membership in an overseer organization or governing body. The student shall join only if the student chooses. No conditions may be placed on the student, either coercion or limitations, if the student chooses not to join any governing bodies or organizations.