The rules set before you are all based on common sense, dermatologist respect for yourself & your fellow students, viagra dosage & the furthering of the school you train in. Very bluntly, please do not do Anything that breaks the rules of honesty, decency or respect. Use Common Sense and a sense of Compassion in all decisions that you make regarding The Black Mountain School of Chinese Kung Fu. You can be Assured that the exact same consideration is being made for you, as it has for everyone else who has been training here with us. Anything that breaks the rules of logic, common sense, decency or respect will be considered exactly as such – as conduct that is indecent and disrespectful. These types of behavior are unacceptable for members of the Black Mountain Spirit Community and disciplinary action will be taken. At all times respect must be paid towards the rules of the school as are found both online & in the Student Handbook, and disregard for these are subject to warnings being issued. Three warnings having been issued, or blatant abuse of school property or students all qualify for Automatic and Immediate prohibition from further participation in further school activities. At a later date ShiFu will determine if and when a student will be permitted to again participate in Black Mountain Spirit school activities

To all you who have allowed me the privilege of training (with) you:
The Kung Fu class is filled with many Chinese cultural practices and observances. Even though we are a modern school, we still follow the traditional rules and etiquette given to us by our Kung Fu ancestors. The rules of Etiquette help build character and offer structure to the beginning student and provide depth and meaning for the more advanced student. Adherence to the instruction of our teachers, a persevering spirit to train regularly and a positive attitude are the keys necessary for a student will learn Kung Fu in a way that ensures safety, is extremely effective, health enhancing and meaningful.
I want to be able to offer all of the joys & benefits that I have received as part of my experience with Chinese Kung Fu, & the biggest part of that will be my own enforcement of those things that are most traditional, as well as the additional perspectives & experiences that modern living have provided to me.
The systems taught in this school are traditional in the spirit of their teaching, as well as in content. Martial artists pursue their particular systems as a lifelong endeavor that fosters good health, discipline, humility, a strong spirit, courage, a natural morality, wisdom and inner peace … all in addition to, and equally as important as, the capacity for self defense.
Every student receives personal instruction from Master Black in each class. You are expected to pay 100% attention at all times. Even though good friends are made here, we do not come to socialize. It’s more the cameraderie of the Martial Artist, the underlying spirit that binds us in a common pursuit.

Students in this school require three characteristics:

Desire. The student must want not only to achieve the physical rewards of martial training, but to accept the responsibilities that accompany such knowledge. A student’s desire must be supported by patience. It’s the Journey, not the Destination, that makes the goal worth arriving at.
Dedication. Success in martial arts training relies more on the regularity of practice and the passage of time than any other factor. The student must be dedicated to attending classes, as well as maintaining a personal practice schedule, time permitting. Outside practice is necessary to achieve true progress. A form learned, a test passed, is a beginning, not an end, and should be thought of only as a license to practice. It is said that a form is not “yours” until you have practiced it one thousand times.
Discipline. Martial Artists are healthier, stronger, faster and more in control because of a disciplined lifestyle. Setting goals and carrying them out, beginning to end, pushing limits and developing new abilities are part of a martial artists plan for success. Discipline yourself to maintain your training schedule, whatever it may be, even if you are tired, because training is cumulative. In the real world, neither your opponents, nor any other form of stress will relent simply because you are tired. Only half of what martial artists achieve is physical, the other half is, of course, mental. Discipline fosters both physical and mental endurance … crucial qualities for the martial artist.

KUNG FU: Definition

Kung Fu roughly translates as Hard Work, or Human Skill that requires Great Time & Effort. So training at the Black mountain Spirit Guan is not an easy thing. Patience, strong will, and personal motivation are the beginning steps a student must take when they begin. The rest, including all of the health benefits, the self defense skills, the mental and spiritual development are all steps that your ShiFu will take with you to ensure your personal success and happiness in these arts.
Be Prepared To Work. If you are not putting forth your best efforts, you cannot be evaluated by & promoted on your best efforts. All of the efforts of the teaching staff here at Black Mountain Spirit Are geared towards helping you strive along the path of personal development whether it’s physical, mental, or spiritually.


What that means in terms of the curriculum here at Black Mountain Spirit is: You must be enrolled in both the Forms Class, and the Drills/Applications classes of your style(s). Only in this way may you have your strength, speed, & reactions trained enough physically, made intellectually firm in your knowledge of technique, & Experienced enough to grow & develop as time goes by. No true teacher could, in good conscience, promote anyone who isn’t putting forth the time & effort to develop the aforementioned skills in a demonstrable manner, garnered the details of technique, and the experience within the curriculum to do so. The investment that each promotion makes in your future is what culminates ultimately in your health, knowledge of history, martial methods and principles, personal development as a human being, and in Black Sash Certification. For anyone seeking to advance through the curriculum at Black Mountain Spirit, this truth is irrefutable and will be enforced without question or exception.


New Students are enrolled without obligation at the Committed Rates for their first month of practice. After a month has gone by and they’ve had a chance to see how they fit into the school/Guan, and how they feel that the school may offer them benefits in their own lives, they’ll sit down with ShiFu & determine the best course of action in terms of curriculum and student status.

For Committed Students, the Black Mountain Spirit School uses written agreements in order to have in writing the responsibilities of the student to the school, and the responsibilities of the school to the student. All schedule changes that need to be made by either party must be submitted in writing 60 days prior to the scheduled change. If the school is making a change that directly affects the nature of an agreement with a student, then the Black Mountain Spirit School is obligated to make every possible effort to facilitate and provide for all of the perameters of the agreement to the student. If a student wishes to change that enrollment status it must be with the intent of making it a permanent change, that is, the student would be making it a change to last the duration of their agreement with BMS.


The school doors are unlocked 10 minutes prior to each scheduled class.

If you are going to be Absent, if you are going to be Late, if you are going to be anything but Early or On Time, then please text the instructor. Talk to instructors when you will be missing any length of time. It affects your ability to progress through the ranks.

Tardiness is by definition a lack of interest in being able to participate in activities with the rest of your group, since the rest of your group has arrived before you. Please do not let it persist. If adjustments have to be made to your entire group’s schedule or your personal student status, they will be.

Although friends and relatives are welcome to visit the classes (Please see Visitors Conduct) the Guan is not a hang out. All of the members of the school are involved in the same learning process, and anyone else hanging around can only act as a distraction from what is already very difficult course-work. It is obviously important for people to enter the teaching/training environment in order to have a better understanding of what a special and unique path you’ve involved yourself with is like, but after a few visits, you’ve taken the opportunities provided and have already made the decision to practice with sincerity or not.

We all help to keep our Guan clean and orderly. Everything has its place, so when you use something laying out in the open, make sure that you return it to its place. Each weapon must be returned to its appropriate rack. Please help make sure that striking pads and targets are returned to their proper place.

Although ShiFu accepts personal responsibility for the care and upkeep of the Studio, there have been times when students have wanted to help out. For that reason, a list of simple maintenance activities is available for anyone who is interested in offering a hand from time to time.
Proper effort and spirit should always be shown in the school. Maintain and develop a positive, well-disciplined attitude. Practice and exercise at home will give better results.
Your school involves itself with martial-arts related activities throughout the year. As your rank & or experience increases, participation in these activities is appreciated and expected.

Dress Code

Uniforms may be purchased through the BMS office. More information concerning class uniforms may be found at

A school T-Shirt is considered the most basic, and most minimal, school uniform. If ‘Kung Fu’ pants aren’t being worn with it, it should be paired with athletic pants – or in the summer, shorts – that are of matching colors. Jeans are considered undesirable. You won’t find jeans being worn on any job-site, or by any sports team-member where self-respect and dignity are part of the equation. It is unquestionably part of the equation here with us.

Street shoes will not be permitted on the school floor at any time. Your shoes are part of your classs uniform. Shoes and boots which have been used outdoors and visibly show dirt, debris, oil, or other contaminants are prohibited on the training floor. Bringing bits of broken glass or stone, or something which might cause a slip and fall accident onto the school floor is obviously a hazzard, but the greatest problem posed by outdoor shoes. Because kicks are used against each other in class, each kick is an opportunity for the sharp edges of stone and glass to cut our workout partners. Add to that whatever contaminants are present on the ground and many different types of infection become a very real threat and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For most of us, respect for the place where we train, our instructor, and the health of our fellow students are reasons enough, but the health and well-being of our membership should hold priority over all others.

Arrive at your lesson promptly, get dressed, or arrive dressed and ready to warm up and get ready to go.

Torn, stained, tattered clothing is not permitted. The only ‘style’ statements made here are the ones that All of us at BMS have agreed to participate in: Northern Shaolin, TaiJiQuan, or BaGuaZhang.

All students must be in uniform in order to participate in class. Although it is understandable that there are extreme circumstances that may arise, if a student is habitually out of uniform they will not be permitted to participate.

Not being prepared to work is an attitude lacking respect for your fellow classmates’ time & efforts.

Personal Effects and Conduct

Please place all personal items either in the cubby holes provided, lockers, or on a coat hanger. Do not leave them laying around the school. Neatly place all non-training items, such as clothing, cell phones, and gym bags outside the training area where they do not cause clutter. Permanent lockers are available.

The Black Mountain School of Chinese Kung Fu or the facility is not liable for any stolen or lost property of the Client or guest.

Please place water bottles off to the side where they do not interfere with space. Please leave the observation area-wall ledge free of water bottles and other clutter.

Cell phones. Use common sense. Take conversations outside the Guan (training area). All cell phones and other personal electronic devices must be turned off/on vibrate when in the school, unless otherwise acknowledged by the instructor.

Harassment is prohibited in the school. The Black Mountain Spirit guan is committed to providing an environment free from unlawful discrimination and unlawful harassment. This means comments or conduct that is known, or ought to be known, to be unwelcome as it is degrading to another human being. No person shall be made to feel unwelcome or less appreciated based upon race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, age, familial status or disability.

Talking During Class
The Guan is not a place to sit and socialize. While we are all friends and family here, we all came here with the same intention to improve ourselves and our quality of life through this martial discipline. If you have enough breath to talk, you have enough breath to exercise.
If you have a question, or you are discussing a technique being displayed/practiced, then there won’t be a problem when you are asked to share it with the class so that eveyone may benefit from the information being shared. Often times, unnecessary conversation is just another excuse not to practice. If you are tired, slow down in your efforts but keep doing the forms, don’t exert as much energy as you continue your reps, but somehow keep moving. When you sit down, you will cool down, and it is difficult to get back up from there.

Some Lessons are Easy, Some Lessons are Hard
Some lessons may seems shorter that others. This is usually because that particular technique has some subtle movement that you will only achieve after you have practiced it for a while. Be eager to repeat it over and over and over. Do not badger ShiFu for more techniques, since what good is a new set of techniques, when you’re still not able to correctly perform the old ones? Patience. Practice. Stick to that formula and new material will always be just around the corner.

In our school, the purpose of sparring is to train students in the theory and techniques of their chosen self-defense system. Our sparring is a controlled form of contact sparring. The principle goal is to train the defense reflexes (evasion), while offering the opportunity to practice offensive techniques learned in class.

Because forceful contact can be part of the learning process, protective equipment or padding is required. Sparring participants are always responsible for each others safety. All strikes and kicks should be “pulled” as if expecting each other’s evasive or defensive maneuvers to fail. New students should never “go all out” until they become experienced in controlling their techniques and developed sparring methods. Careless injury of another student will be verbally addressed immediately, and if continued, will lead to expulsion from the school.
At the start of the bout two bows/salutations should be given. The first is given towards the referee and the finally to the opposing competitor. The bow is then repeated at the end of the first round and at the beginning of the second round.

When sparring or engaged in paired contact drills, protective gear must be worn. Your instructor will determine whether full or partial protective equipment is necessary

Attending Other BMS Classes
If you’e enrolled in a specific curriculum and are curious about other styles/classes being offered by BMS, you are welcome to participate in the group exercises of other classes with the leading instructor’s permission. Since the techniques and methods are different than those with which you have already become accustomed to, if they practice something that you are unfamiliar with, do your best to follow along, and ask for clarification later. Each style has its own intrinsic value, so these variations can be very useful to add some contrast to your repertoire of skills. Their strength may be your weakness. What once were your weaknesses Will Become your strengths.

There Is Only One Teacher In The School
Since many of the techniques have multiple interpretations, different people may have an alternative emphasis. For this reason, do not attempt to teach something to some one else unless you are asked to. You may not have the complete technique quite yet, and it would be a shame to teach someone else your own bad habits. Less politely stated, members must not give instruction in or out of the Tao Chang (martial training school) or Guan (temple) without permission of the instructor. It is irresponsible and disrespectful. Any member found in violation of this rule is subject to immediate dismissal from the organization.

Students may excuse themselves from class at anytime for water, bathroom, etc. by presenting a salute towards the training area or instructor before exiting. Another salute should be presented upon return to class. Students do not have to be acknowledged by the instructor before leaving in urgent situations. Students should be mindful and respectful in regards to the timing of their exit.

You are asked to exercise ordinary care while using the facilities for the protection of the Client and others.

Anyone seeking membership agrees to comply with the rules and regulations posted by the The Black Mountain Spirit School of Chinese Kung Fu , relating to the use of the facility; including safety, acceptable clothing and footwear, hygiene and conduct.

At all times respect must be paid towards the rules of the school as are found both online & in the Student Handbook, and disregard for these are subject to warnings being issued. Three warnings having been issued, or blatant abuse of school property or students all qualify for Automatic and Immediate prohibition from further participation in further school activities.