No appointment is necessary to observe a class at the Black Mountain Spirit guan. Simply arrive just prior to class time and introduce yourself to any of the students or instructors present and you will be welcomed. If ShiFu knows that you are coming in advance, therapist it will allow him to set aside time in the lesson plan in advance to speak with you one on one. We do not set up ‘introductory’ classes/lessons – most schools do this to showcase themselves & put on a performance for sales purposes. Our preference is for an observer to be able to see what a typical class looks like without BMS being ‘forewarned’ of their coming. In this way, about it the most honest & straightforward example of a typical class is right there in front of you, orthopedist and you can be assured that ‘what you see is what you get’!


ABSOLUTELY! We encourage visitors to class! We like to share our art and it helps motivate the students to do their best. There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming in to watch a class, to help make an educated decision as to whether to join or not. We also encourage prospective students to actually Participate in a class with the rest of the students, to get a feel for what an actual class is like. I personally dislike the practice of Scheduelling a private lesson for new students only to take the opportunity to show off your very best techniques and work in the sales pitch.
Although we welcome all new comers to class, in order to offer a favorable experience for new students, we ask that persons interested in taking classes schedule their first class so that ShiFu can set aside time in the class lesson plan to deal specifically with beginners. This also let’s both teacher & student to feel each other out. The assumption is that The Student is here to learn, The Teacher is here to teach. If both match up well – Great! If not, everyone has had a chance to find that out before any serious commitments are made and no hard feelings 🙂

Lesson plans are created prior to class time with the expectation that enrolled will be in attendance. Taking the time each week to create new lesson plans so that each student is afforded apportunities for growth and advancement is something that we do in order to ensure constant development with our students. But Because we take the time each week to create new lesson plans when the new students aren’t capable of performing the techniques or lack prior knowledge necessary for the new lessons to take hold, it sabotages all efforts at planned progress for the previously enrolled students in attendance.
New students require an entirely different set of exercises to develop a good sense of technique, as well as the strength, balance, and speed necessary for the intermediate and advanced drills. Also, we need to ensure that a second instructor will be scheduled and available to take the rest of the group through exercises while new students are taken aside by the Senior Instructor and indoctrinated in the proper techniques.We want to ensure that they may receive the highest quality of instruction available. So we ask – If you as a student (or the parent of a student) decide to bring someone to class, we ask that you Please notify us in advance.


Please do not take it upon yourself to simply plug your electronic device into an open outlet. 3 people per class, 3 classes a day Adds Up. In the event of an emergency, exceptions can be made, but if it is Not an emergency and you simply wish to convenience, we must ask for a $2 usage fee.

People waiting in the reception area must respect the training hall. Please keep conversations & walking in & out to a minimum – you know that the door alarm goes off every single time it is opened, and these things are very distracting to the people who are investing their time and effort in trying to develop themselves.

Regrettably we do not have day care facilities available. We hope you can understand this and plan accordingly.
Parents and family members are welcome to watch classes, but must be quiet and not disturb students or staff. This includes coaching from the sidelines.
Siblings must be monitored and quiet at all times or their parent/guardian will be asked to leave for the remainder of the class.
Persons who cannot respect our house and follow the rules will be asked to leave. No Exceptions.