There are many aspects of weapons play that are associated with each of the various weapons. Techniques and/or methods are described inn varous ways such as – upper cut, store rub, hospital smear, oncologist deflect, chop, split, lift, stab, block, pull coiling, push, intercept and parry, etc. Initially, upon seeing these descriptive listings for the first time I thought that they were a delineation of the precise nature of ‘that’ weapon’s handling and conduct. Now that many years have gone by I realize that these attributes are shared by Most weapons, and I sometimes wonder if the purpose of listing these aspects is just a way to try and sound more ‘official’ or knowledgeable¬†to the reader. In either case, I will not be doing that on this site – those lists exist on many other sites and that’s good enough for me. My purpose in putting informatin in a web context is to allow others to be informed, to disseminate unique information, knowledge and experience, not to repeat what everyone else has to say. Personally, I don’t want to spend time re-reading the same stuff over and over again. I’m assuming when people interested in the subject matter of my life’s experience by coming to my school or website that they’re looking for My insight and experience, that they’re trying to find out if there’s something different out here and what it is. That they’re using multiple sources of information for Multiple Types of Information – not redundancy.

With all of that being said, I’ve found that a Lot of what my students ask for in terms of videos is exactly that – redundant ¬†– or at least redundant in the sense that these same video requests are the same types of material found on thousands of other YouTube channels. I’m learning though, and I realize that the students already knew about all of those other pages, and want to know what MY take, my interpretation, my detailed analysis, of techniques has been. So after apologizing publicly here in this post, I’ve endeavored to just go ahead and Shoot the Video whenever someone asks for it :):):)