What is Qin Na?

Qin Na is the Chinese term for methods by which the mobility of certain bone and muscle structures (usually joints) may be manipulated to either alter the physical structure or create an amount of pain in a partner or foe. I have been very loose in this definition because everything from a joint-lock to a meridian-point strike falls under the category of Qin Na. Generally, arthritis creating an improper range of motion to a joint or series of bones will bring about the desired results; that is, cialis 40mg either by separating the muscles/tendons/ligaments from the bone or the bone from it’s proper position in the human body. This is the mundane form of Qin Na. At advanced levels, diagnosis manipulation of your partner/foe’s Qi will be applied through the Cavity Press. Cavity Press describes your physical application of force at sites that you have determined will cause either an imbalance in your partner/foe’s energy that you will take advantage of through the rest of your practice/conflict, or create a very painful sensation. The first is preferred over the second, because anyone that you would need to use this absolute last resort with would already have trained first their body to withstand such attacks, and secondly their mind to withstand such pains. In Kuei Shou there is an incredible emphasis on single attacks to completely obliterate the foe that the practice the Qi manipulations only occurs at much higher levels in our training.