Ming Hsien Kuei Shou Baguazhang

Bright Immortal 
Ghost Hand 8TrigramBoxing



 8 part empty hand training curriculum
stretch/flexibility exercises The postural changes of Kuei Shou Baguazhang are quite demanding. The need for an openness about the joints & their connective tissues is of paramount importance. All of the joints of the body become capable of a very wide range of motion in order to accomodate the techniques & postures of Ghost Hand Baguazhang.
strength training To facilitate the transitions from posture to posture & make them a readily available method of attack & defense, the strength required for what appear to be fantastic feats is developed through specific, pre-ascribed methods.
seated meditation/qigong There are a variety of both Seated Qigong & Moving Qigong skills that are developed throughout the course of the curriculum. The initial qigong training is housed within the very basic postures & techniques of the system, & as a greater proficiency becomes apparent, specific exercises & whole qigong systems are introduced at each appropriate level of the students development.
walking meditation/qigong
8 part weapon training curriculum

Bright Immortal Ghost Hand Boxing is comprised of solo empty hand sets, solo weapon sets, two & three man empty hand & weapons sets. The combat drills are broken up into the three main categories of  Weapon vs Weapon (HEAVEN), Hand vs Hand (EARTH), & Hand vs Weapon (MAN).
The same skills identified in the 8 Part Empty Hand Training Curriculum are carried over directly into the weapons practice, with the addition of course of greater amounts of concentration on coordination of these tools & body parts, articulation, spacial relationships, qi gong, etc.
True Baguazhang requires a Constant investigation into the study of Taoism. I Ching Trigram theory as it relates to body parts, medical theory within the practice, hierarchal relationships between Heaven, Earth, and Man as is represented in Spiritual, Physical & Mental interaction during the alchemical processes.
A major part of the advanced training includes two-man sparring forms, both empty hand two man sets and two -three man sets utilizing various weapons.
He Shan Shen’s Kuei Shou Bagua Weapons curriculum includes but is not limited to these Eight Cardinal Weapons:

Mieh Shun Qiang God Slaying Spear
Chio Fon Shuang Shou Jian Autumn Wind Two Hand Straight Sword
Zhong Kuei Captures Ghosts Hook Swords
Although aesthetic beauty is of little importance in self-defense training, the emphasis on refined physical posturing, elegance, grace, & style enhance the mindful awareness of one’s movements by adding yet more information to each posture & postural transition so that the practitioner has a very large amount of information to use in the evaluation of their physical technique & inner alchemy.

Shou Men Da Dao Gatekeeper Big Knife

Qian Kun Lu Jiao Dao Heaven and Earth Deer Horn Knives

Righteous Judges Pens or
Ermei Needles

Easily concealed practically Anywhere in the loose-fitting, traditional clothing of China, the needles could be drawn forth, used, & hidden away again without attracting much attention. These tools also offered to the highly skilled martial artist yet another unique venue - the battlefield became a testing ground for Qi Gong & Accu-Point theory. By attacking specific points on the body to cause blockages along - or even completly severing  - the Jing Luo or Meridians/Pathways of the body along which the body's energy flowed, a martial artist of such phenomenal knowledge & ability would find victory through an economy of both strife & time itself.

Steel Thread Whip Chain
Iron Crutch

Three Sectional Staff

Kwan Dao

Digs Graves In Hell Monk's Spade

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