Typically, going back to the late 60’s, in TaiJi the Jian or Straight Sword was always the weapon taught at the completion of the TaiJi form. It’s one of the reasons why you’ll get more Jian-hits from a search for “tai chi sword” than “chinese straight sword, because of the way that it was so closely associated with the practice of TaiJi (“…hey, let’s FOREGOE 2 millenia of Chinese military history, that straight sword thingy was only used by Tai Chi people” Yeah. Right.) The dao was practically unheard of, and that’s quite a shame, because (in my humble opinion) the Jian looks Nothing like the empty hand form, and the Dao is EXACTLY like performing the TaiJi Empty Hand Form-! You can Clearly see the inidividual techniques of the empty hand form, and the articulation of TaiJi principle and methodology are absolutely without reproach. When the Taiji Classics say “…the waist is the banner…” No Where ELSE is it more Prevailant and Obvious in general TaiJi practice than in the practice of the Taiji Dao Form. I have seen many different versions of the form.


Below is displayed the version that I teach to my students. Because of it’s intricacy of detail and TaiJi conceptualization, I realize that This version of the form is the acme of TaiJi Dao practice.
Marc Black
Opening of TaiJi Dao Form